Saving Ocean Habitats and the Future of Fishing: T-H Marine Partners with Captains for Clean Water

Saving Ocean Habitats and the Future of Fishing: T-H Marine Partners with Captains for Clean Water

May 19, 2023

Take it from the anglers and boaters who've seen it first hand: there are real threats to fisheries, ocean habitats, and the future of fishing, but the good news is that we can do something about it. Together, with Captains for Clean Water and their partner organizations, we're stepping up to highlight that message and put our money where our mouth is.

Driven by the fishing guides who pass though these troubled waters every day, here's how Captains for Clean Water saw the problem and started doing something about it:

A History of Problems

As Captains Daniel Andrews and Carter Andrews explain in the video above, there's a long history of problematic domino effects in the Everglades. So much so, that our forefathers knew we needed to do something to protect it.

Although it was a good step when they established the area as a national park, it couldn't address the troubles at the root. Pollution still found its way through the area, causing vegetation die-offs, years of toxic algae blooms, fisheries decline, and dead wildlife.

It simply wasn't something to ignore either, as the problems have proven to persist and get worse through the years. Effects on fishing may have been the most obvious, but there was also a measurable toll for the general population of people who visit the park, people who live in the area, and ultimately the whole world with the interconnected nature of water resources.

Hope for the Future

Thanks to the efforts of captains Daniel Andrews and Chris Whittman, along with partner organizations and policy leaders, their action has helped to stem the tide. There's more to do, but here's how we can hope for the future.

It starts with tracing issues back to the source, where water was polluted. This gives way to identifying mitigation techniques that can be put in place, policies that can be changed, and projects that address issues where the problems start to reach these waterways. Beginning with change in Florida, Captains for Clean Water has taken steps to restore these ecosystems so pollutants are treated and fresh water flows again.

This starts the right kind of chain reaction, reversing what's been harmed so wildlife can return. From vegetation and small organisms to fish and all the way up the food web, these natural resources and the future of fishing are looking brighter.

About Our Conservation Partner: Captains for Clean Water

Based in Florida, Captains For Clean Water is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights to restore and protect our water resources. They may have started as just “a couple fishing guys that had enough of poor water management practices” but they have done an incredible amount of work over the years to unite citizens, groups, and businesses in the fight for clean water.

As a result, they can be proud of the progress they’ve made, especially when they’ve done it at a record pace. They know they could use more help though and that our waters still have a long way to go, so we’re proud to join up with them.

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