Tips for More Fishing Tourney Prize Money: Learn What’s New with Atlas Awards

Tips for More Fishing Tourney Prize Money: Learn What’s New with Atlas Awards

January 04, 2023

Much like baits and boat electronics, tournaments and tournament programs must evolve when there’s room to improve. It's true, even for a long-running contingency program like T-H Marine's Atlas Awards. We know you'll love these changes though, and if you’re setting your sights on winning some fishing tourney prize money this season, this post has everything you need to know.

What Changed with Atlas Awards for 2023?

Speaking candidly, we’ll go right out and say that historically the Atlas Awards program could be a real challenge to administer, and we heard about how it could improve for anglers, too. We took that feedback to heart, put new thought and effort into it, and updated it for the better. 

Here’s how we updated Atlas Awards for this upcoming season.

1. Payout Increases

If you finish in First Place, your total possible winnings are now $1,500 in cash payouts per tournament. We’ve also increased our Highest Finisher payouts, raising them to $150 per event. Both of those amounts are also eligible for bonus money when you run additional T-H Marine gear on your boat ($25 cash per product).

These winnings are even higher if you have a future T-H Marine purchase in mind and opt to get your payout in store credit. A First-Place finish means $2,000 in store credit and bonus products are worth $50 each, providing you even more value when you win.

2. Claims Process Streamlining and Transparency

Beyond the excitement of being able to win more, we’ve also made big changes to make it easier to claim winnings and track claims along the way. To access this feature, complete your registration for Atlas Awards and look for an email inviting you to set up an Atlas Awards account. Simply set up this account using the same information you use to make purchases on and they’ll be tied together so you can access them anytime you log in.

This also means anglers will have:

  • Images proof of products that are uploaded and saved to your account profile, so you no longer need to send images with every single claim.
  • Access to claims submitted through your account that are always accessible with status updates from the T-H Marine team.

3. Dedicated Conservation Contributions

Starting this season, we’re putting 10% of Atlas Awards profits toward conservation initiatives. Since it means we can help safeguard the future of fishing and the outdoors we enjoy, that’s a pretty exciting announcement itself, but we’re equally happy to do this while funding the payouts, the cost of administering the program, and keeping the membership the same price at just $29.99.

Covered by restructuring and building in efficiencies, we believed it was a great addition to the program and we’ll keep looking for even more ways to expand those efforts.

About Our Conservation Partner: Captains for Clean Water 

Based in Florida, Captains For Clean Water is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that fights to restore and protect our water resources. They may have started as just “a couple fishing guys that had enough of poor water management practices” but they have done an incredible amount of work over the years to unite citizens, groups, and businesses in the fight for clean water.

As a result, they can be proud of the progress they’ve made, especially when they’ve done it at a record pace. They know they could use more help though and that our waters still have a long way to go, so we’re proud to join up with them.

This Fishing Tourney Prize Money Could Be Yours!

T-H Marine will be awarding cash prizes to Atlas Awards members this year. Some of those members will be taking the top spot in their tournaments while many others will be Highest Finishers and those who got paid because they made the Atlas Awards program and claims a part of the process for fishing derbies.

The good news is that you can get in on the fun, too. This fishing tourney prize money could be yours, and you don’t even have to be a pro to get it!