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There's good reason why so many boaters trust the Atlas Jack Plate brand from T-H Marine. We're proud of how we've engineered Atlas products to be strong, reliable, and smart so you can count on it for the best outboard motor performance, too!

Among the many benefits of running an Atlas Jack Plate, there are three that every boater should know about:

  1.  Smoother travel through shallow water with less chance of prop damage
  2.  Optimum fuel economy
  3.  Improved safety as you get on plane, especially on rough water

If you run an outboard motor, especially one that you need to get you to your next fishing spot, a jack plate is a must-have piece of equipment. Make sure you get the top jack plate on the market with the Atlas Jack Plate from T-H Marine.

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Buy with confidence: the Atlas Jack Plate is rated for engines up to 300hp or up to 625 pounds dry weight!


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