There may be a few brands out there, but only one has been trusted for years and years by boaters and anglers. Only one revolutionized the way you could actively tune your outboard so you got the most out of it. There is a clear leader when it comes to serving as the best hydraulic jack plate and we're proud to say that leader is made right here.

5 Reasons the Atlas Jack Plate is the Best Hydraulic Jack Plate

  1. The ATLAS jack plate is the #1 selling hydraulic plate in the world and is sold and serviced by more outlets.
  2. The ATLAS jack plate is factory installed by more boat manufacturers than any other plate.
  3. The ATLAS jack plate is used by more professional fisherman than any other hydraulic jack plate.
  4. The ATLAS jack plate hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A. while our competition's is from China.
  5. The ATLAS jack plate took its place as the best hydraulic jack plate in the world by revolutionizing the way they were used.

Some equipment comes in handy sometimes, but the Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate demonstrates its value every time you hit the water. Among other benefits, when you have the best hydraulic jack plate on your side, it's easier to just enjoy the fishing and enjoy the ride.

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