NEW: Easy, Strong, and Modular Rigging for Fish Finder Mounts, Transducer Poles, and More

NEW: Easy, Strong, and Modular Rigging for Fish Finder Mounts, Transducer Poles, and More

September 25, 2023

If you haven’t already experienced what RAILBLAZA has to offer, a quick look at their catalog will show you how amazingly innovative and awesome they are. You might see them on kayaks quite a bit, too, but kayaks are really only a fraction of where we love to install them. That’s why we worked for years to build a relationship with their team and carry their gear, and it’s also why we’re so excited for these new RAILBLAZA products. RAILBLAZA’s HEXX product line makes it a breeze to rig your fishing finder mount, transducer pole, and more.

What Goes Into Installing Fish Finder Mounts, Transducer Poles, and Related Technology?

Finding fish can be a challenge, especially when droves of anglers are pressuring them, environmental conditions are factoring in, and fish are responding by moving around. It’s fun to sight fish lakes when you can, but that isn’t always an option. Despite the debate over the newest fishing technology, graph systems have been a staple for decades and, no matter what system you choose, it’s better to get started by making rigging less of a hassle.

Most commonly, this rigging involves work like this:

  • finding the right placement for your graph

  • running wire to a power source

  • connecting to your transducer

  • mounting your transducer

  • configuring it all for optimal use (and security)

  • fastening everything securely

  • drilling holes in your boat 😳

With that last part in particular, it’s nice to reduce the permanent modifications that you have to make on your boat, and since new technology is pretty much always around the corner, modularity is a dream worth pursuing.

Enter RAILBLAZA to the rescue.

Product Spotlight: RAILBLAZA HEXX Mounting Systems

RAILBLAZA is all about providing boaters and anglers with an array of mounting options because their team lives and breathes the fishing and boating experience. For years now, they’ve had solutions that make it easy for boaters to configure their boat for holding stuff, from miscellaneous gear that every boater needs to specialized gear for fishing. Even better, it’s all designed to be swappable and modular to an awesome degree.

Now, with RAILBLAZA’s new HEXX Mounting Systems, they’ve added even more options and incredible strength. With HEXX, you get a heavy-duty, durable mount for fish finders, transducers, rod holders, and more. Made from advanced high-impact materials, they’re easy to mount and updated to hold the latest fishing technology. Just what we all need so we can have less frustration and more fun out on the water!

Wide-Ranging Applications and Rigging Options

Here is where RAILBLAZA started with providing wide-ranging applications and rigging options for their HEXX Mounting Systems.

HEXX RailMounts
Product numbers: 11-4205-11 and 11-4206-11

Complete with an integrated grub screw for extra holding power, the HEXX RailMount is what you need to effortlessly install a HEXX Live Transducer Pole, a HEXX Heavy-Duty Fish Finder, or the strike-ready HEXX Rod Holder onto your rails.

HEXX Adhesive Mounts
Product number: 11-4207-11

This is HEXX’s RIBPort-style mount, that helps you add a range of products to your inflatable boat, kayak, or float tube. This includes transducer poles, rod holders, and securely mounting for graphs up to 16” with the HEXX Rotating Platform. Bonus, everything attaches and detaches without tools.

HEXX Fish Finder Mounts
Product number: 11-4174-11

A sleek and lightweight fish finder mount with three axes of adjustment — 90-degree base rotation, 90-degree platform rotation, and 180 degree tilt range. It’s built strong, too, making it capable of supporting fish finders with a 12” screen size and up to 6.6 lbs in weight.

HEXX Rod Holders
Product number: 11-4189-11

The HEXX Rold Holder has strength and durability that is unmatched, and RAILBLAZA isn’t afraid to say that because they’ve put it through punishing testing programs. With a rotating collar, gimbal lock, full adjustability and easy access to your reel, all conveniently packaged in one, you’ll have one less point of concern when big fish strike.

HEXX Live Poles
Product numbers: 11-4190-11 for the 60 inch version and 11-4191-11 for the 30 inch version

When you’re running live sonar, you’ll get the best results when you have a mount that gives you the ability to unlock its full potential. The HEXX Live Pole does this to the fullest extent. It's great for kayaks and power boats alike and is compatible with Garmin Live Scope, Lowrance Active Target, and Humminbird Mega Live. Also, when you're ready to stow it away, you can count on it to be lightweight and simple to detach without tools.

HEXX Riser Mounts
Product number: 11-4218-11

With its features and construction made of extremely robust aluminum, the HEXX Riser Mount can withstand even the choppiest waves and constant movement, making it ideal for any and all casting decks. It’s designed to keep mounts firmly in place, as RAILBLAZA’s specialized design allows them to stay sturdy and secure, and it is compatible with the HEXX products you need installed with added elevation.

HEXX Track Mount Systems
Product numbers: 11-4208-11 for the standard Kayak Track Mount version, 11-4204-11 for the Gunnel Track Mount, and 11-4219-11 for the 45 degree angle track mount

Fit heavy duty RAILBLAZA HEXX™ products to mounted tracks using only a screwdriver! Depending on the system you need, you can get the perfect solution for installing on all kayak tracks, many major powerboat tracks, and expand on these systems with other RAILBLAZA HEXX products, including those mentioned above.

The HEXX System product line has more than a few game-changers there, particularly when you consider how quick it will be to remove and stow expensive equipment, change it out when a new model goes to market, and, in the case of the track mounts, give you optimal customizability.

Make Rigging Easy

Rigging doesn’t have to be rigorous! RAILBLAZA has what you need to pop gear on, hold it tight, and grab to go whenever you need. Whether you have a Deep V, a fully-customized tiny boat, a John Boat, a kayak, or something else, explore the options below and find the right combination of products for your fishing boat.