Mounting a HydroWave to a Fishing Kayak

Mounting a HydroWave to a Fishing Kayak

November 13, 2023

When it comes to rigging out your kayak, your setup options are endless. You can tailor the accessories and add-ons to how you want to fish and to the environments in which you will be fishing. One option that allows anglers to put a little more luck in their favor, is the T-H Marine HydroWave.

The T-H Marine HyrdroWave is a Marine Audio Device that contains a sound emitting technology that mimics underwater sounds of baitfish and fish-feeding activities, ultimately being capable of creating your own artificial feeding frenzy. Strapped on a kayak that is already a stealthy vessel, it can be quite effective. But how can you rig this device on a kayak?


Coming with the HydroWave’s main interface device, there is also the underwater speaker that is connected to the interface by a cord. The interface can be mounted to a various assortment of kayak brands via a gear track or rails by mounting flush to a plate mount. This mount allows for the interface to be easily accessible to the angler, and easily adjustable.

In tow, the speaker for the HydroWave is to be placed subsurface in order to work, but kayak anglers may want the option to bring the speaker up for when stowing or when moving from spot to spot. To best rig the HydroWave, you can install a RAILBLAZA SidePort Tracloader – which allows the RAILBLAZA Arm to mount perpendicular to the kayak to then be easily swiveled from above water to subsurface.

Regardless of whether anglers are fishing deep reservoirs, shallow grass flats, and anything between – the T-H Marine HydroWave has a setting that enact fish to lose their minds, allowing anglers a higher chance for success. With this option of mounting the T-H Marine HydroWave, it allows for anglers to easily stow, deploy, and install or remove their device – leaving more time fishing, and less time rigging.