Best Practices for Fish Care: Ensuring a Healthy Catch from Lake to Weigh-In

Best Practices for Fish Care: Ensuring a Healthy Catch from Lake to Weigh-In

June 04, 2024

As a tournament angler, hitting the scales with your big 5, who are all alive, can be more challenging than it sounds. Most of the time, as anglers, we focus on everything leading up to the catch itself. However, what happens after the catch can often be just as important. Keeping those fish happy and healthy until you are through that weigh-in line is a vital part of our sport. Not only because of the implications dead fish have on the tournament results, but also because conservation and proper fish care is crucial in keeping our fisheries healthy for years to come.

Here are a few tools and tips that have been proven effective in keeping those fish thriving all the way to their eventual release. By following these guidelines, you can feel confident in your ability to care for your catch and contribute to the conservation of our fisheries.

1.) Use a quality, non-puncturing cull tag

T-H Marine's Conservation Cull Tags are designed to minimize fish stress for optimal health. Unlike traditional tags that puncture the mouth, these clips secure firmly on the fish's bottom jaw, reducing injury and promoting fish health. Using a quality cull tag will reduce stress in your fish, so they have a better chance of survival after the weigh-in, which aligns with catch-and-release practices and ensures a thriving fishery for future tournaments.

2.) Condition livewell water with GJuice

Keeping fish stress-free starts with your water quality. Using a water treatment like GJuice removes harmful chlorine and ammonia while also boosting oxygen levels. This creates a comfortable environment for your bass, reducing stress and keeping them as healthy as possible until the fish get released after weigh-in.

3.) Keep water rich in oxygen.

Even with fresh water, oxygen depletion can occur in a livewell. By using something like an Oxygenator, you are giving your fish the most oxygen-rich water possible. Our Oxygenator generates pure oxygen by splitting the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule in water, giving your fish more oxygen to consume while in your livewell.

4.) Allow livewells to "breathe".

When livewells are sealed, heat and gases are constantly built up. Adding something like the V-T2 Livewell Vents, which provide a constant exchange of air through your livewells, will prevent the buildup of these harmful gases. In turn, this assists in providing the healthiest environment possible for your fish.

The ultimate fish care system

Equipping your boat with these products will give you the ultimate fish care system. Catching your five big ones is hard enough, so investing in the right gear to keep them alive and healthy is a must. But it's not just about the present catch; it's about the future. Following a quality fish care program protects your catch now and ensures quality fish-catching opportunities in the future.


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