5 Ways to Get Real Advantages from Aftermarket Trolling Motor Accessories

5 Ways to Get Real Advantages from Aftermarket Trolling Motor Accessories

February 20, 2023

These trolling motor accessories may be just what you need to break into the top spot in a tournament, or maybe even land your newest Personal Best, but what they won’t do is break the bank.

Here are the practical advantages you can expect with them installed, from your controls to your lower unit.

1. Trolling Motor Support and Protection

Trolling motors are typically tough, but it helps to have trolling motor accessories that provide enhanced protection for all kinds of conditions. Nowadays, this is even more crucial given the electronics that are getting built-in and the gear that you’re likely rigging onto them.

That’s why so many anglers use Troll-Tamer as it:

  • Goes beyond the factory bracket and bounce buster
  • Helps save your deck, transducer, HydroWave speaker, and your trolling motor itself
  • Holds tight for a safer and quieter ride
  • Let’s you deploy your trolling motor with just a nudge from your toe

2. Cable Management and Shielding

There’s one game-changing trick that stands out from the rest, helping you with those wires at your trolling motor — the Troll Jacket.

With a Troll Jacket, you can:

  • Keep all your wires, lines, and cables together at your trolling motor
  • Effortlessly tidy it all up and bundle it together
  • Get convenient access with no tools required
  • Utilize the velcro in its patented design to quickly, easily, and reliably install, reinstall, and check on wires any time you need to
  • Insulate cables and protect them from the elements and hooks

3. Propeller Management and Efficiency

Despite your best efforts with weedless add-ons, anglers still need the means to manage their propellers and increase trolling motor efficiency. The Eliminator Prop Nut does this by:

  • Making it easy to remove your trolling motor prop and remove stray fishing line, weeds, and other debris
  • Requiring no tools to install or remove under most circumstances — simply use your hands to tighten it and get it loose
  • Improving your trolling motor performance, both with debris removal and by acting as a heat-sink
  • Helping cool your trolling motor down, run more efficiently, quietly, and with less wasted battery power
  • Getting you back to casting and setting the hook, often with less than a minute of maintenance

4. Better Handling and Comfort

Several times during an outing, you’re going to be deploying your trolling motor into the water and retrieving it again. For most of us, that means grabbing the trolling motor handle and pulling it so it pulls the cable and lifts the trolling motor off or onto your bow. This effort is just a fact of fishing with a trolling motor, but it can be improved with a G-Force Handle and Cable. When you have one, you can count on it to:

  • Add a responsive, heavy-duty replacement option for anyone with factory original and light-duty cords
  • Provide a stronger, more reliable lift with its nylon-jacketed stainless steel cable
  • Grip comfortably with its cushioned handle

At the very least, it’s good to have on-hand in case you need a replacement.

5. Enhanced Foot Controls

If your trolling motor pedal doesn’t quite have the traction you want, it absorbs all kinds of heat during the summer, or maybe just doesn’t have the flare you’d like it to have, you can easily install a Chill Trax Traction Pad. As the name suggests, it will give you some better grip and other benefits including:

  • Improved grip for your foot, so you can focus on fishing and worry less about contact with your trolling motor controls
  • A cooler pedal even on the hottest of days
  • Upgraded rigging for barefoot fishing
  • Various color patterns for pedals so they can look cool as well as stay cool

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