ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate

Rated for engines up to 300hp or up to 625 pounds dry weight.


- ATLAS™ is truly the best hydraulic jack plate in the world 
- ATLAS™ is factory installed by more boat manufacturers than any other plate 
- ATLAS™ is used by more Professional fisherman than any other hydraulic jack plate 
- ATLAS™ is the #1 selling hydraulic plate in the world / sold & serviced by more outlets
- ATLAS™ hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A., our competition's is from China 


- ATLAS™ is made by T-H Marine/CMC, who were the FIRST to offer an actuator inside the jack plate - the competition copied
- ATLAS™ is first plate to offer predrilling for shallow water anchers - the competition copied
- ATLAS™ is first and still only plate that does not require regular grease lubrication - the competion design cannot do that
- ATLAS™ is first plate to include a heavy duty safety cable to protect boaters from engine entering cockpit upon failure
- ATLAS™ is first plate to offer very simple actuator replacement in the field
- ATLAS™ was first major development in hydraulic jack plates in over a decade - spurring hydraulic jackplate improvement

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
AHJ-4V-DP Atlas Series™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 4" Setback AHJ-4V-DP
AHJ-6V-DP Atlas Series™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 6" Setback AHJ-6V-DP
AHJ-8V-DP Atlas Series™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 8" Setback AHJ-8V-DP
AHJ-10V-DP Atlas Series™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 10" Setback AHJ-10V-DP
AHJ-12V-DP Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate - 12" Setback - Weight 66lbs AHJ-12V-DP
AHJ-14V-DP Atlas Series™ Hydraulic Jack Plate - 14" Setback AHJ-14V-DP


T-H Marine's ATLAS™ hydraulic jack plate is truly the next generation in jack plate design, built for the heaviest and most powerful outboard engines on the market today, even the big four strokes. Our innovative high tech engineered polymer rod and slot lifting design guarantees trouble free action.  This plate also features the newest concept in one-piece hydraulics from the most respected name in hydraulic design, providing the best of all worlds: Speed and Self contained lifting action.  This all new pump will lift the heaviest outboard from bottom to top in less than 8 seconds.

  • Self Contained Hydraulic Pump System (No Reservoir or lines to install)
  • Hydraulic actuator is made in the U.S.A.
  • Fast! - Bottom to Top in Less than 8 Seconds
  • Rod and Slot Lifting Design - Trouble Free Lifting Action
  • Hi-Tech Engineered Polymer Rods - 6 Times More Abrasion Resistant than Steel
  • Rods Made from Self Lubricating Material, no grease required 
  • Easy Two-Pin Pump Removal - Quick Maintenance
  • Installs in Half the Time of Comparable Jack Plates
  • Available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 inch Setback Models
  • Standard versions can be used for most outboards - 350hp Max
  • "HD" - HEAVY DUTY version is rated for engines up to 400hp.
  • All ATLAS™ plates are predrilled for Power-Pole® and Minn-Kota Talon® bracket mounting
  • Stroke Length - 5 Inches
  • Height Adjustment Up to 7 Inches

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