Why You Should Use an Outboard Fuel Stabilizer in the Off-Season

Why You Should Use an Outboard Fuel Stabilizer in the Off-Season

September 12, 2023

There are certain types of maintenance that you need to perform on your engine the more you use it, but there’s also a flip side where there are certain threats to your engine even when you don’t use it. This is especially true for off-season storage when it’s critical to use a fuel stabilizer.

The good news is that it’s not an expensive bit of maintenance and it’s also really quick and easy to take care of in a number of engine applications!

What is a Fuel Stabilizer?

Simply put, a fuel stabilizer is an additive designed to preserve the integrity and quality of fuel over extended periods of storage. It plays a crucial role in preventing fuel oxidation, moisture accumulation, and the formation of harmful deposits.

Why Is Fuel Stabilization Important?

Fuel stabilization is important because nothing lasts forever and your fuel and engine are no exception. There are several natural circumstances, cycles, and reactions that you need to prevent in your outboard, including all of the following:

1. Fuel Degradation Over Time: Fuel, especially gasoline, is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons. Over time, these hydrocarbons can break down, leading to the formation of gum, varnish, and other deposits. These deposits can clog fuel lines, injectors, and carburetors, leading to reduced engine performance and potential damage.

2. Moisture Accumulation: Fuel tanks can accumulate moisture, especially when not kept full. This can lead to phase separation in ethanol-blended fuels, causing potential engine damage when this separated mixture is drawn into the engine.

3. Corrosion: The presence of contaminants and moisture can lead to internal rusting of fuel tanks and systems, reducing the lifespan of these components.

It’s incredibly important to combat these and to do so in a preventative fashion because by the time you notice the harm, it may be too late.

What Happens if You Don't Use a Fuel Stabilizer?

If you skip using a fuel stabilizer, especially during off-season storage:

  • Your engine might not start or could run inefficiently

  • The internal components of the fuel system can corrode

  • Deposits can build up, leading to potential costly repairs

  • The overall lifespan of your engine could be reduced

Why Choose a Fuel Stabilizer from Star brite?

For those storing vehicles — from motorcycles and boats to side by sides and RVs — Star Tron Stabilizer+ is the go-to choice. It ensures your investment is protected and guarantees a hassle-free start-up every time.

Among the many benefits you can expect, Star brite's Star Tron products are specially-formulated in a number of ways providing:

  • Enzymatic Action: Unlike many stabilizers, Star brite uses enzymes to break down contaminants, ensuring fuel remains fresh and free from harmful deposits.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors: Star brite adds a layer of protection against internal rust, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

  • Broad Utility: Whether you're using ethanol blends or non-ethanol gasoline, Star Tron Stabilizer+ has you covered.

Built for optimal protection and use, this means you can expect Star brite's treatment formulas to come with critical features where it will:

  • PREVENT – Eliminate threats like moisture buildup, gum, varnish, and carbon deposits
  • PROTECT – Guard your engine's internals with top-tier corrosion inhibitors
  • ENSURE – Maintain fuel quality for up to two years, regardless of the weather conditions

While fuel stabilization is essential for any stored vehicle, not all stabilizers are made equal. Star brite's commitment to quality, innovation, and protection makes it the unparalleled choice for discerning vehicle owners, providing them with maximum longevity and performance.

Maintain Your Outboard With Ease

With help from Star brite and their renowned products that are made to easily and effectively care for every part of your boat, trailer, and more, it can be a snap to get through every season. Check out their fuel stabilizers, cleaners, and protectants that keep it all fresh, clean, and functioning right.