The HydroWave H2 KVD Model is Now Available!

The HydroWave H2 KVD Model is Now Available!

February 20, 2017

Huntsville, AL – February 20, 2017 -- T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama announced today that the HydroWave H2 KVD Model is in stock and available for shipment.

HydroWave H2 KVD Model is Now Available from T-H MarineT-H Marine’s president, Jeff Huntley, stated, "T-H Marine is excited about the KVD edition of our HydroWave H2. This model has an additional nine sound patterns that were designed by Kevin VanDam himself for a number of fishing situations. It is like having KVD in the boat with you to tell you which sound pattern to use no matter how you are fishing.”

Kevin VanDam, added, “My new KVD HydroWave has all my favorite and most realistic sound pattern loops to fire up the fish. No matter what season or water conditions that I face, I know that I have the right sounds to be successful on the water.”

The HydroWave H2 KVD Model has all 16 sound patterns on the standard H2 Bass model, plus an additional nine sound patterns designed by Kevin VanDam. These patterns are:

* Shallow Power
* Shallow Finesse
* Vegetation
* Top Water Schooling
* Off-Shore Structure
* Off-Shore Schooling
* Off-Shore Finesse
* Marina / Docks
* Crawfish

The T-H Marine HydroWave H2 KVD Model is available at marine dealers and fishing tackle retailers.

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