T-H Marine Pros Shine at Champlain

August 06, 2014

Last weekend pros from all over the country competed in the Bass Pro Shops Northern Open #2 help on Lake Champlain in upstate New York with a berth in the Bassmaster Classic on the line. Also up for grabs are spots on the Elite tour in 2015, and those spots are based on total points throughout the year. Two T-H Marine pros made significant advancements towards their goals during this tournament, and we are very excited for them!

Shin wins at Champlain!

Shin Fukae has been a member of the T-H Marine pro staff for many years, and his rise to dominance has only made us more excited to be a part of his team. Shin won the Northern Open #2 to finally claim a spot in the Bassmaster Classic, something that has eluded him for his entire fishing career. Being a long-time FLW angler, Shin may just have enough in the bag to make the jump to the Elite Series in 2015. There are a few anglers who fish both the FLW and the B.A.S.S. Elite, and Shin hopes to add to that total next year. Shin is what we call a likeable guy; not a person on either tour could tell you of a time they clashed with him. That may all change a little bit if he starts lighting up both tours in 2015!

Another T-H Pro that fished his way to a high finish was 19-year-old Sam George from Athens, AL. Sam finished fourth, but don't think that just because you've never heard his name before that he can't fish with the big boys. Sam won the Toyota Owner's Tournament last year over a whole field of accomplished anglers more than double and triple his age. He's also been active in the other Bass Pro Shop Opens. and has fished rather well in those as well. The really exciting thing is that if he actually makes enough points to qualify, he would be the youngest angler to ever qualify for the Elite schedule. Needless to say, Sam is beyond ready to make that leap. All he needs is another finish like this one and he may just get his chance.