Catch and Release Tips: How G-Juice and the Oxygenator Work Optimally Together

Catch and Release Tips: How G-Juice and the Oxygenator Work Optimally Together

August 08, 2023

G-Juice and the Oxygenator go together like bread and butter, like stars and stripes, and like swimming in summer moonlight. They were made for each other and made for catch and release fishing tournaments so more gamefish would still be healthy after a day in your livewell. And that's exactly why more anglers should use them.

To understand their compatibility better, you just have to take a peek into how each product is made and how they complement each other so you have a simpler, easier, and safer livewell system. You’ve probably seen related claims before, and probably even heard plenty of pro anglers say it, too, but this is a more in-depth look at how they work together to give you an economical and effective livewell system.

The Why and How of using G-Juice and the Oxygenator

Neither G-Juice nor the Oxygenator lend themselves to DIY alternatives like you may see for so many other products, but neither are too complicated to use or understand when it comes to the basics of how they work. In fact, with a little background on how each of them works, you’ll easily see how they work great together.

With the Oxygenator, you get a simple-to-install, 12 volt mechanism that bubbles pure oxygen into your livewell tanks. It works by pulling livewell water in and splitting the hydrogen molecule from the oxygen molecule, bubbling the oxygen out of its screen and into the water for your fish to breathe. It does this silently, too, creating a supersaturated oxygen environment, even in the warmest water.

You won’t even need a switch to turn the Oxygenator on as it runs automatically (you’ll know it’s on because of its green indicator light), and it will supply oxygen to livewells that hold 10 to 20 gallons of water. There are no dangerous tanks of concentrated oxygen to handle and few components that you have to make space for around your live wells and hatches. You'll have a simpler design, too, because, unlike the Pro Air System, you won’t have to mount multiple components and won’t have to replace air stones. The Oxygenator is also relatively small, with the whole system amounting to the size of a boat speaker.

Even better, the Oxygenator’s design works with G-Juice so you can have the best of both worlds as you care for your fish. This means that unlike some treatments, G-Juice has no incompatibility with the Oxygenator’s internal parts, blockage on your cover screen, or interruption to the oxygenation process as you use G-Juice’s concentrated liquid formula.

When there’s no worries about them working against each other, you can rest easy pouring G-Juice into your livewell tanks and start off on the right foot every time you put fish in.

Beyond making sure the water you pull in is treated and safe, G-Juice works to protect your fish from contaminants that may find their way into your livewell via other means, whether that’s from livewell system components, deck runoff, or other sources. Those contaminants can be incredibly harsh on bass and any other gamefish you put in there.

While G-Juice is canceling out contaminants, balancing out pH levels, and providing electrolytes to your fish, there are some things that it’s not doing, things that would make it less effective and less compatible with an Oxygenator.

The first of those things is that it’s not introducing complex and unsafe ingredients into your livewell and it’s not introducing any salt. In fact, G-Juice is simple and safe to the point where it won’t harm your livewell system, the fish you keep, any live bait you keep on hand, your pets, or you.

It’s also notable that G-Juice is not introducing solids or clumps into your plumbing. This is important because you won’t have to worry about granules or other suspended ingredients that are harder to mix in and more problematic for your Oxygenator. Instead, G-Juice combines with the water in a single layer that passes easily through the plumbing of these systems without separating, settling, and building up.

By design, this means that G-Juice is doing no harm to your tanks and oxygenator while it’s making the water just right for your fish, giving them ingestible nutrients, and helping to restore their slime coat after it’s been depleted by nets, decks, and handling.

Get These Catch and Release Essentials

Not only were G-Juice and the Oxygenator made for each other, they were made for you! You might see other options on the market when it comes to treatment solutions or oxygenation, but there’s no other combo out there that professional anglers trust more for keeping fish alive until they’re released again.

If you’re a tournament angler or someone who likes to keep your limit all day and get a picture before leaving the water, make sure you have both of these products as you catch and release.