Join Now to Get Paid for Your Tournament Fishing

January 10, 2015

Get paid to do what you love. If you enjoy tournament fishing, use T-H Marine products, and become a member of the Atlas Awards program, you can do just that.

Join now to become a member for just $24.95. If you've previously checked out the Atlas Awards program and just haven't joined, January is the time to get going so you don't miss out on any fishing tournaments that can get you paid. If you're just exploring it now, get ready to discover how you can get exclusive member benefits and be part of many great opportunities for payouts.

Get paid to use T-H Marine products and do tournament fishing

Get member benefits and opportunities right from the start.There are no additional hooks or catches to the Atlas Awards program: after you become a member, we'll send you two Atlas Awards custom decals, one T-H Marine custom decal, and the information you need to make sure you're eligible for the $850 in contingency payouts at each sanctioned event. You join up, you sport the T-H Marine branding and use the products, you fish the sanctioned events, you win, and you can get paid.

Get paid for each tournament fishing event. There are over twenty sanctioned events where you not only have an opportunity to get prizes through each event organizer, but you can also be part of opportunities to get paid as an Atlas Awards member who completes the event as the highest finisher (within the top 10). With so many sanctioned events, you can do the math as to what your payout potential is, but one thing is for sure: the chance to fish and get paid is something you don't want to pass up.

The qualifying T-H Marine products give you an edge. Whether you're using the Oxygenator, the G-Force Handle, the HotFoot, or any combination of qualifying T-H Marine products during your tournament fishing, we're confident that our products will give you an advantage.

Additional tournament fishing opportunities. We also have Atlas Awards Co-Angler Sanctioned Events, which you can learn more about here.

For more information or if you have questions, be sure to visit our frequently asked questions page, check out the Atlas Awards brochure, and read the official rules.

Join Atlas Awards Now And Get Your Tournament Fishing Payouts


At T-H Marine, we want you to win with all that you enjoy on the water. That's why we make these quality boating and fishing products and it's why we created the Atlas Awards program. We can't wait to highlight you as the next Atlas Awards winner, so be sure to become a member today!