Water Scoop Pickup


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Provides a Source of Water to LIvewells While Underway

This innovative water scoop allows you to provide fresh water to the livewell while underway. The unique design picks up water to provide to an aerator pump yet it has pressure relief holes to prevent overpowering smaller pumps. This scoop is much less expensive than the typical bronze scoops and can be used with a standard aerator pump. Simply mount on bottom of hull over a 3/4" thru-hull.

  • Water scoop water pickup
  • Provides Fresh Water to Livewells While Underway
  • Pressure Relief Holes Prevent Overpowering Pumps
  • Can Be Used With Standard Aerator Pump
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
WS-1 Water Scoop WS-1-DP

Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 50/Box
Distributor Packaged – 12/Box

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