2-Way Boat Alarm System - Two-Way Boat Alarm


2-Way Boat Alarm System / Two-Way Boat Alarm System

Protects your Boat and Valuable Equipment from Theft

  • Shock Sensor Detects Intruders
  • Alerts you up to 3000 Yards when Activated
  • Two Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & Vibration
  • Up to 3000 Yards Response and 1000 Yards Transmit
  • 128 db Alarm Horn
  • Waterproof Main Engine
  • Shock Sensor with Sensitivity Adjustment
  • To adjust sensitivity just hold unlock button down until it chirps then hit lock button to adjust the sensitivity level.  Factory default is level 3 with 5 being the most sensitive.  Hit the lock button when you hear 4 chirps you are in level 4 and 5 chirps is level 5 which is the most sensitive then hit unlock button to save.
  • Easy Installation

TO PAIR REMOTE: To pair the remote pop out the rubber button on the side of the black module and then hold down the pairing button inside.  While holding the button down hit the lock or unlock button if you have the black remote, if you have the gold remote just hit any button.


OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
TWA-1-DP Two-Way Boat Alarm System – Complete Set  TWA-1-DP
TWAR-1-DP Two-Way Boat Alarm- Additional Remote Control Unit TWAR-1-DP
TWA-DIS-5 Counter Display with 5 Boat Alarm Kits TWA-DIS-5-DP

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