Stainless Steel Multidirectional Anchor Swivel



  • Extends the life of your rode.
  • Prevents snagging at the anchor/chain connection.
  • Prevents your chain/rope from twisting while your anchor is set.
  • Allows for easier anchor retrieval and stows your anchor better on a bow roller.

An anchor swivel is an essential item to any anchor set up. The use of an anchor swivel prevents twisting of your rode while the anchor is set and also prevents your rode from snagging. Often your rode can be even more expensive than your anchor making the purchase of an anchor swivel a valuable investment!

Preserve your rode
Every anchor needs some sort of connection between itself and the rode (simply tying your rode to your anchor is a very bad idea!). Traditionally, this has been accomplished by some sort of shackle.

One problem arises from using such shackles: as the boat naturally turns while anchored, so too does the chain/rode. This rotating action inherently puts a considerable amount of strain on your rode, thereby decreasing its life. With the use of a multi-directional swivel, the swivel, rather than the rode itself, rotates as the boat turns which increases the life of your rode.

Smoother retrieval of your anchor
Our swivels are multi-directional meaning at the center of the anchor swivel also lies a toggle/bend. This toggle allows the anchor to shift to a more convenient angle when you are pulling it on to the deck.

When using a bow roller, our swivels also allow easier stowage of your anchor due to the bend in the swivel.


MDAS swivel dimensions

MDAS-S (Small)

  • Anchor Pin to Swivel Gap (A): 7/8"
  • Anchor Shank Gap (B): 5/8"
  • Length (C): 4 3/4"
  • Chain Gap (D): 7/16"

MDAS-L (Large)

  • Anchor Pin to Swivel Gap (A): 1 1/8"
  • Anchor Shank Gap (B): 3/4"
  • Length (C): 6 3/8"
  • Chain Gap (D): 1/2"


Sizing Guide

Norestar Anchor - Swivel Sizing

MDAS-S (Small) Fits:

  • Wing: 13 - 22 lbs
  • Claw: 16 - 22 lbs
  • Fluke: 8.8 lbs

MDAS-L (Large) Fits:

  • Wing: 33 - 66 lbs
  • Claw: 33 - 66 lbs
  • Fluke: 8.8 - 44 lbs
  • Plow: 26 - 59.5 lbs

The above is strictly a confirmation of whether the swivel will fit the given anchor or not, it is not a recommendation of the best swivel as that may depend on individual anchoring requirements.

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