Stainless Steel Claw/Bruce Boat Anchor



  • Constructed from solid high-polished 316 Stainless Steel
  • Holds well in a variety of bottoms including sand, mud, rock and coral
  • One of the easiest anchors to set and recover (and our most recommended anchor)
  • Modeled after the original Bruce anchor
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage

For over 40 years, the Claw/Bruce anchor design has been one of the most popular anchor choices among boaters in North America. Its ability to set quickly and easily in most any sea bottom along with performing well with short scope has meant it is one of the most reliable anchor choices available.

The Norestar™ Stainless Steel Claw Anchor not only performs impeccably but it looks stunning as well. Constructed from solid high-polished316 Stainless Steel, it is the ultimate in both strength and appearance. Compared to galvanized steel, it shines in the sun while also being more corrosion resistant.

For boaters anchoring in a variety of bottom conditions, including sand, mud, rock, and coral, it's the anchor we recommend most. It has slightly less holding per pound than similar style anchors such as the Delta/Wing but it generally sets more easily. Each Claw/Bruce anchor includes a small trip line point at the back of the anchor. While not used by most boaters, it offers the option to attach a secondary line to release the anchor in case there is a danger of the anchor getting snagged. Includes a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Claw/Bruce Anchor Dimensions and Sizing Chart
Refer to thediagram and specificationsto determine the right size anchor for your boat. These specifications assume an average weight boat anchoring in average conditions. If you have an exceptionally heavy boat or are anchoring exceptional conditions (i.e. heavy current or winds) consider going one size up.

Note: 50lbs and heavier anchors incur additional shipping charges for non-continental USA addresses that may be different than the rates listed. Contact us prior to ordering for exact rates

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Claw anchor dimensions

Model: CLW-6SS, 6 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 16"
  • Height (B): 6"
  • Claw Width (C): 10"
  • Claw Length (D): 8"

Model: CLW-11SS, 11 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 18.75"
  • Height (B): 7"
  • Claw Width (C): 12"
  • Claw Length (D): 9.25"

Model: CLW-16SS, 16.5 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 21"
  • Height (B): 8"
  • Claw Width (C): 14"
  • Claw Length (D): 9.5"

Model: CLW-22SS, 22 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 25"
  • Height (B): 9"
  • Claw Width (C): 15.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 12"

Model: CLW-33SS, 33 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 27.75"
  • Height (B): 10.5"
  • Claw Width (C): 17.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 13.5"

Model: CLW-44SS, 44 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 29"
  • Height (B): 11"
  • Claw Width (C): 18.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 13.5"

Model: CLW-55SS, 55 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 29"
  • Height (B): 11"
  • Claw Width (C): 19.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 16"

Model: CLW-66SS, 66 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 32"
  • Height (B): 15.5"
  • Claw Width (C): 19.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 19"

Model: CLW-110SS, 110 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 39.5"
  • Height (B): 14.25"
  • Claw Width (C): 27.375"
  • Claw Length (D): 14.75"

Model: CLW-176SS, 176 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 41.5"
  • Height (B): 17"
  • Claw Width (C): 29"
  • Claw Length (D): 19"


  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Model: CLW-110SS: Weight: 110 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 80'
  • Model: CLW-11SS: Weight: 11 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 25'
  • Model: CLW-16SS: Weight: 16.5 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 34'
  • Model: CLW-176SS: Weight: 176 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 110'
  • Model: CLW-22SS: Weight: 22 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 35'
  • Model: CLW-33SS: Weight: 33 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 40'
  • Model: CLW-44SS: Weight: 44 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 50'
  • Model: CLW-55SS: Weight: 55 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 55'
  • Model: CLW-66SS: Weight: 66 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 60'
  • Model: CLW-6SS: Weight: 6 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 22'

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chris l.

Great price and nicely finished. Very happy.

John S.

Stainless Steel Claw/Bruce Boat Anchor

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