Seat Pedestal Drain


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  • This innovative product solves the problem of seat pedestal base holes that drain into dry boxes or areas in boats. This part consists of a molded vinyl funnel that slides snugly over the bottom of pedestal base and a one-fourth inch elbow to connect to one-fourth inch tubing. The drain collects all water that enters the pedestal base and routes it into tubing that can be directed out of boxes and toward drain areas. The 90 degree elbow allows a turn to be made to keep the tubing high in the box and out of the way. This is a truly unique part for this application.

    • Drains and directs water collected in seat pedestal
    • Marine grade vinyl cap and poly elbow fitting
    • Fits 1/4" tubing for drainage


            OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
            SPD-1 Seat Pedestal Drain - Fits 1-1/4" Pedestals SPD-1-DP




            Standard Pack:
            OEM – Bulk 50/Box
            Distributor Packaged – 12/Box

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