Screw Down Battery Tray

SKU: BE-EL-51022-DP


  • The screw-down design of this battery tray ensures a rock-solid and secure mounting for your Group 24 or 27 batteries.
  • With stainless steel hardware included, you can confidently fasten the tray to your boat's deck or battery compartment, preventing any unwanted movement or vibration.
  • This battery tray is designed to accommodate a wide range of battery sizes, making it suitable for boats, cars, and RV's.
  • The robust construction of this tray provides exceptional protection for your batteries. It features a sturdy base with reinforced edges to prevent any accidental damage or impacts. The tray also includes an adjustable crossbar to keep the batteries in place, minimizing the risk of damage during rough water conditions or boat maneuvers.

Upgrade your boat's Group 24 or 27 battery storage with the Screw-Down Battery Tray from T-H Marine. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secure and stable mounting solution, universal compatibility, corrosion resistance, enhanced battery protection, and easy installation.


  • Fits Group 24 and 27 batteries
  • Stainless steel hardware is included

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