Transom Wedges


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Outboard Reverse Transom Wedges - Add 5 Degrees of Positive Tilt

These reverse transom wedges fit all standard outboard engines. Cast aluminum construction allows for full, positive contact between engine bracket and transom. Adds 5 degrees of positive tilt to transom angle.

  • High quality, cast aluminum
  • Adds 5 degrees of positive tilt to engine - for more "bow up"
  • Improves performance for boats with too much transom angle
  • Fits All Standard Outboard 4-Bolt Patterns
  • Full Contact Between Outboard Engine Bracket and Boat Transom
  • 2-1/4” Wide, 11-1/4” Long
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
TW-2-DP Transom Wedges- 1 Pair - 5 Degrees Negative Tuck
TW-3-DP Reverse Transom Wedge – 1 Pair – 5 Degrees Positive Tilt TW-3-DP


Packaging: skin packaged in pairs, open quantity

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