Push-In Impact Drains



  • UV stable injection molded impact drains
  • Available in black and white
  • Inexpensive part for small drainage holes
  • Very low profile head for complete drainage
  • Small diameter heads to fit in tight locations where drainage is needed
  • Easy to install: drill hole and pop them in place
  • Sizes: 3/8", 5/8", and 1"

Your solution for compartment and tight space drainage

SKU Product Name Packaged
PD-1 Push-In Drain - 3/8" Dia - Black PD-1-DP
PD-2 Push-In Drain - 3/8" Dia - White PD-2-DP
IPD-580 Impact drain, 5/8" Dia, Black IPD-580-DP
IPD-582 Impact Drain, 5/8" Dia, White IPD-582-DP
IPD-1000 Impact drain, 1" Dia, Black IPD-1000-DP
IPD-1000-5 Impact Drain, 1" Dia, 5-1/8" Length - Black IPD-1000-5-DP
IPD-1002 Impact drain, 1" Dia, White IPD-1002-DP
DBAS-1W Push-In Drain, 3/8" Dia, 1-1/2" Length - White DBAS-1W-DP
DBBS-1W Push-In Drain, 3/8" Dia, 1-1/2" Length - White DISCONTINUED DBBS-1W-DP
DBBS-1G Push-In Drain, 3/8" Dia, 1-1/2" Length - Gray DBBS-1G-DP

OEM - Bulk: 50/Box


Black Part # White Part # Description Diameter Length
PD-1 PD-2 Push In Drain - Flat Head 3/8" 1-1/16"
IPD-580 IPD-582 Impact Drain - Sink Head 5/8" 1/2"
IPD-1000 IPD-1002 Impact Drain - Sink Head 1" 3/4"
IPD-1000-5 N/A Impact Drain - Sink Head - extra long 1" 5-1/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
John M.
Great solution to a water problem

Had water pooling in my bow hatches gutters. The boat leans towards the stern while in the lift and water pools up in the hatch gutters and turns green. I purchased these and installed them and ran a hose to the hatch drain. Works like a charm. Easy solution. Finished in 15 minutes!

Excellent Quality

Excellent quality and perfect fit. TH Marine is a great company with great products.


Exactly what I have been looking for Fit perfectly

Push in impact drains

This product was a perfect fit for my 2017 Harris Crowne SL 250

Mark W.
Was exactly what I needed

I installed these into my pontoon help cup holders for drainage. They are working as needed to keep the cup holders clear from standing water. Connected drain tubes exiting through the floor in the console

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