Nylon Cable Ties for Boats

SKU: 075B-C-DP


Made in the U.S.A. - high quality domestic cable ties / zip ties / wire ties.

These UV stabilized, high tensile strength, light weight, flexible, all nylon and non-corrosive cable ties are an essential item for boat rigging.

Our ties are ahighly reliable tie wrap solution perfect for effectively and efficiently meeting the requirements of a tremendous range of cable and wire bundling and organization projects around the boat.These versatile, exceptionally durable standard tie wraps can easily support up to 50 lbs. of cable bundling force. Available inconvenient sizes ranging from 4" to 14" - including 4" (18lb), 5.5" (40lb), 7.5" (50lb), 8" (50lb), 11" (50lb), and 14" (50lb).

We also offer screw mount cable ties in 7.5" (50lb), and heavy duty 14.5" (120lb).

We have the hard to find radiused cable ties available in 7.5" (50lb).

Choose from package quantities of 100 or 1000.

SKU Product Name Packaged
004B-C Cable Tie - 4" Length - 100/Pack 004B-C-DP
004B-M Cable Tie - 4" Length - 1000/Pack 004B-M-DP
055B-C Cable Tie - 5-5/8" Length - 100/Pack 055B-C-DP
055B-M Cable Tie - 5.8" Length - 1000/Pack 055B-M-DP
007B-C Heavy Duty Cable Tie - 7-1/2" Length - 100/Pack 007B-C-DP
007B-M Heavy Duty Cable Tie - 7-1/2" Length - 1000/Pack 007B-M-DP
075B-RAD-C-DP Radiused Cable Tie - 7-1/2" Length - 100/Pack 075B-RAD-C-DP
075B-RAD-M Radiused Cable Tie - 5.5" Length - 1000/Pack 075B-RAD-M-DP
008B-C Cable Tie - 8" Length - 100/Pack 008B-C-DP
008B-M Cable Tie - 8" Length - 1000/Pack 008B-M-DP
011B-C Cable Tie - 11" Length - 100/Pack 011B-C-DP
011B-M Cable Tie - 11" Length - 1000/Pack 011B-M-DP
014B-C Cable Tie - 14" Length - 100/Pack 014B-C-DP
014B-M Cable Tie - 14" Length - 1000/Pack 014B-M-DP
145B-C Screw Mount Cable Tie - 14" Length - 100/Pack 145B-C-DP


Packaged: Bagged in quantities of 100 and 1000.

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