Mushroom Boat Anchor, Cast Iron, Vinyl Coated



  • Works well for small boats such as canoes, kayaks, dinghies, etc.
  • Also works well for mooring buoys and racing buoys
  • Constructed of cast iron one piece
  • Vinyl coated
  • Effective in silt, mud, and other soft bottoms
  • Raised lip to ensure a good hold
  • Compact, easy to stow

Cast Iron Mushroom-Style anchors are best used for small boats anchoring in a silt or mud bottom. They also work well for mooring or racing buoys. To achieve maximum holding power, these anchors need to bury themselves in mud or silt to the point that they displace their own weight in seabed material. A vinyl finish provides hull protection.


Mushroom anchor dimensions

8 LB Mushroom Anchor

  • A) 7.5"
  • B) 7.5"
  • C) 1.75"

10 LB Mushroom Anchor

  • A) 8"
  • B) 8"
  • C) 2"

15 LB Mushroom Anchor

  • A) 8.5"
  • B) 8.5"
  • C) 2.25"


  • Material: Cast Iron with Vinyl Coating
  • Model: MSHRM-10: Weight: 10 lbs. Eye Size: 3/4". Boat Up To: 12'
  • Model: MSHRM-15: Weight: 15 lbs. Eye Size: 1". Boat Up To: 16'
  • Model: MSHRM-8: Weight: 8 lbs. Eye Size: 1/2". Boat Up To: 10'

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