Minnow Maker | Keep Bait Fish Alive!


Minnow Maker is a specially concentrated solution designed to keep minnows healthy after the hatching process. This liquid concentrate dilutes perfectly for all minnow storage conditions, helping make it easy to keep bait fish alive.

Ideal for minnow holding tanks, minnow transport, bait wells, and bait buckets, Minnow Maker helps you keep bait fish alive by:

  • Detoxifying nitrates in the water
  • Working as an anti-foaming solution
  • Removing ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine in the water
  • Adding essential electrolytes for healthy minnows
  • Replacing slime coat
  • Helping stop bleeding
  • Relieving stress
  • Adding essential electrolytes to the water
  • Helping balance pH
  • Avoiding harmful ingredients -- Minnow Maker is non-toxic to humans, pets, and aquatic life

Minnow Maker is Made in the USA!

Here are the directions for using Minnow Maker to keep bait fish alive:

  • Measure out 1 mL (8 drops) treats average bait bucket
  • Measure out 1oz. to treat 90 gallons of water

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