Loc-R-Bar Boat Security System


The Loc-R-Bar Boat Security System - Total Protection for less than the cost of a quality rod and reel

Welcome to the home of Loc-R-Bar Boat Security System, a full package of protection for your valuable fishing gear. The Loc-R-Bar Alarm System is the best way to protect all of your equipment; Adjustable stainless steel security bars, solid aluminum mounting brackets and the innovative Loc – Alarm completes the system. When properly installed, the Loc-R-Bar Alarm System secures all deck lockers by extending across the entire deck surface, gunwale to gunwale. Even if thieves break out your hatch locks, they will not be able to open the lockers to get to your equipment.

The Loc-R-Bar Alarm System is a fully self-contained alarm system for your boat. No wiring, sensors or complicated installation required. A full package of protection for less than the cost of a quality rod and reel.

Full-Storage Locking System includes an alarm padlock and mounting brackets. Great for securing compartments and rod lockers on Bass Boats, Bay Boats, Walleye Boats and selected aluminum boats.

An optional compartment adapter is available for securing additional storage units with the same bar.


SKU Product Name Packaged
LB-LRBS113S Loc-R-Bar™ Complete Alarm System LB-LRBS113S-DP
LB-LCK110DBA Loc-R-Bar™ Alarm Lock Only LB-LCK110DBA-DP
LB-ADAPTER/1A Loc-R-Bar™ Front Compartment Adapter LB-ADAPTER/1A-DP
LB-SET-BKS-03A-03B Set of L-R Mounting Brackets LB-SET-BKS-03A-03B-DP

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