Lid and Hatch Support Springs


These lid, hatch or instrument cover supports feature a stainless steel spring that snaps straight to a support position when opened.

The stainless steel spring then supports the lid, hatch or cover in the open position.

When closing simply deflect the spring which allows spring to bend and rotate at the mounting positions.

"C" versions have an internal stainless cable for applications where overextension of spring could occur.

• Stainless Spring Steel
• Deflects to Close
• Supports 10 to 20 lb. Lids

Lid Spring and Hatch Spring Specifications
Part # Size Description Supports
LS-2 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L Molded Nylon Ends 10 lbs.
LS-2C 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L LS-2 with Restraint Cable 10 lbs.
LS-3 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L Offset Stainless ends 10 lbs.
HS-1 5/8” diam. x 12” L Molded Nylon Ends 20 lbs.
HS-3C 5/8” diam. x 12” L HS-1C with Stronger Cable 20 lbs. DISCONTINUED


OEM/Distributor  Product Name Distributor Packaged
LS-2-DP Molded Nylon Ends - 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L LS-2-DP
LS-2C LS-2 w/Restraint Cable - 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L LS-2C-DP
LS-3 Offset Stainless ends - 7/16” diam. x 8-1/2” L LS-3-DP
HS-1 Molded Nylon Ends - 5/8” diam. x 12” L HS-1-DP



Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 1/Box
Distributor Packaged – 12/Box

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