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LED Flat Rope Lights


Long Length Flat Rope Lighting

 Need Longer Lengths of Flex Rope Lighting? These fit the bill.

Great for pontoons, deck boats and T-tops.

  • Great where longer lengths are needed for lighting a deck or under the gunwale areas.
  • Encased in a waterproof sheath
  • Can be cut to length
  • Low amp draw won't run batteries down
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Mounting Channel has Hi Strength 3M backing tape

Note: These lights do not have an adhesive backing and require the mounting strips also sold here.


OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
LED-SM14-B LED Rope Lighting - 14’ , Blue LED-SM14-B-DP
LED-SM16-B LED Rope Lighting - 16’, Blue LED-SM16-B-DP
LED-SM18-B LED Rope Lighting - 18’, Blue LED-SM18-B-DP
LED-SM20-B LED Rope Lighting - 20’, Blue LED-SM20-B-DP
LED-SM22-B LED Rope Lighting - 22’, Blue LED-SM22-B-DP
LED-SM24-B LED Rope Lighting - 24’, Blue LED-SM24-B-DP
LED-SM26-B LED Rope Lighting - 26’, Blue LED-SM26-B-DP
LED-SM28-B LED Rope Lighting - 28’, Blue LED-SM28-B-DP
LED-SM14-W LED Rope Lighting - 14’, White LED-SM14-W-DP
LED-SM16-W LED Rope Lighting - 16’, White LED-SM16-W-DP
LED-SM18-W LED Rope Lighting - 18’, White LED-SM18-W-DP
LED-SM20-W LED Rope Lighting - 20’, White LED-SM20-W-DP
LED-SM22-W LED Rope Lighting - 22’, White LED-SM22-W-DP
LED-SM24-W LED Rope Lighting - 24’, White LED-SM24-W-DP
LED-SM26-W LED Rope LightingM - 26’, White LED-SM26-W-DP
LED-SM28-W LED Rope Lighting - 28’, White LED-SM28-W-DP
LED-SMSLC-6WT Flat Rope Light Mounting Channel - 6 ft Length LED-SMSLC-6WT-DP

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