LED Flat Rope Lights



Long Length Flat Rope Lighting

Need Longer Lengths of Flex Rope Lighting? These fit the bill.

Great for pontoons, deck boats and T-tops.

RGB Requires an RGB remote control for operation.

  • Great where longer lengths are needed for lighting a deck or under the gunwale areas.
  • Encased in a waterproof sheath
  • Can be cut to length
  • Low amp draw won't run batteries down
  • Water and Moisture Resistant
  • Mounting Channel has Hi Strength 3M backing tape

Note: These lights do not have an adhesive backing and require the mounting strips also sold here.

The LED Flat Rope Lights from T-H Marine are a versatile lighting solution for your boat or dock. The lights come in a compact, flat design that allows for easy installation and a low profile appearance. The LED technology provides bright and efficient lighting while using very little power, ensuring a long-lasting and cost-effective solution. 

These lights are available in multiple colors, including white, blue, and green, so you can choose the best one to suit your needs. The lights are also fully submersible, making them perfect for underwater use in livewells or around the boat. Additionally, the lights are flexible and can be easily shaped to fit any contour or curve, making them an ideal choice for accent lighting or to create a unique ambiance on your boat or dock.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
LED-SM14-B LED Rope Lighting - 14' , Blue LED-SM14-B-DP
LED-SM16-B LED Rope Lighting - 16', Blue LED-SM16-B-DP
LED-SM18-B LED Rope Lighting - 18', Blue LED-SM18-B-DP
LED-SM20-B LED Rope Lighting - 20', Blue LED-SM20-B-DP
LED-SM22-B LED Rope Lighting - 22', Blue LED-SM22-B-DP
LED-SM24-B LED Rope Lighting - 24', Blue LED-SM24-B-DP
LED-SM26-B LED Rope Lighting - 26', Blue LED-SM26-B-DP
LED-SM28-B LED Rope Lighting - 28', Blue LED-SM28-B-DP
LED-SM14-W LED Rope Lighting - 14', White LED-SM14-W-DP
LED-SM16-W LED Rope Lighting - 16', White LED-SM16-W-DP
LED-SM18-W LED Rope Lighting - 18', White LED-SM18-W-DP
LED-SM20-W LED Rope Lighting - 20', White LED-SM20-W-DP
LED-SM22-W LED Rope Lighting - 22', White LED-SM22-W-DP
LED-SM24-W LED Rope Lighting - 24', White LED-SM24-W-DP
LED-SM26-W LED Rope LightingM - 26', White LED-SM26-W-DP
LED-SM28-W LED Rope Lighting - 28', White LED-SM28-W-DP
LED-SMSLC-6WT Flat Rope Light Mounting Channel - 6 ft Length LED-SMSLC-6WT-DP

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