Hydrowave H2 Inshore


The HydroWave Inshore Saltwater H2 is a Marine Audio Device with 16 sound patterns for the Inshore Saltwater environment. Baitfish recorded include shrimp, mullet, croaker, herring, cigar minnow and other popular saltwater baitfish.

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Inshore Saltwater Sounds:
• Baitfish Frenzy
• Baitfish Passive
• Baitfish Schooling
• Baitfish Finesse
• Baitfish Ultra Finesse
• Baitfish Blitz
• Herring Frenzy
• Herring Passive
• Croaker Frenzy
• Croaker Passive
• Crab Frenzy
• Crab Passive
• Mullet Frenzy
• Mullet Passive
• Shrimp Frenzy
• Shrimp Passive

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