HydroWave H2 Inshore

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The HydroWave Inshore Saltwater H2 is a Marine Audio Device with 16 sound patterns for the Inshore Saltwater environment.

The HydroWave H2 Inshore by T-H Marine is a state-of-the-art electronic feeding stimulator designed for anglers who want to increase their chances of catching fish. Featuring a patent-pending sound technology, this device is specifically designed to emit natural sounds that mimic the prey species found inshore. With this innovative technology, the HydroWave H2 Inshore is capable of attracting and stimulating feeding activity in predatory fish, thereby increasing the chances of catching more fish. 

The device comes with unique sound patterns that can be easily customized to suit different fishing scenarios, making it an ideal accessory for any angler looking to improve their fishing game. The device is lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring along on any fishing trip. The HydroWave H2 Inshore is compatible with all 12-volt systems.

Inshore Saltwater Sounds:

  • Baitfish Frenzy
  • Baitfish Passive
  • Baitfish Schooling
  • Baitfish Finesse
  • Baitfish Ultra Finesse
  • Baitfish Blitz
  • Herring Frenzy
  • Herring Passive
  • Croaker Frenzy
  • Croaker Passive
  • Crab Frenzy
  • Crab Passive
  • Mullet Frenzy
  • Mullet Passive
  • Shrimp Frenzy
  • Shrimp Passive


  • Compatible with all 12-volt systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark R.
Excellent product. Easy to set up and use.

Works great. Masks the noise of trolling motor. Fish that spook off, relax and come back in a feeding mode. Spiecies- Redfish. Anxious to tru on speckle trout to see if I can trigger them into a feeding frenzy.

ken g.
No More Live Bait !!!!!!

Wow, What a great Fishing tool to own, Since using this Hydrowave I've yet to use Live Bait. It calls the fish to my boat most of the time, No more sight fishing for me. this is definitely a game changer, Thank you for This invention.

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