HOT FOOT Pro - Top Load Foot Throttle


HOT FOOT™ Pro is the ultimate upgrade for the boater looking for safety and performance features that made Hot Foot™ the foot throttle boaters demand. HOT FOOT™ Pro sports a rugged aluminum finish with great color graphics on the pedal to accent any high performance boat. The top loading feature for the throttle cable* makes HOT FOOT™ Pro easier to install and gives more foot and leg room. Standard features include a patented idle stop for the Ficht and Optimax engines, stainless steel return spring, Teflon bushings on all critical pivot points and tow clip for added security.

  • Drive your boat like you drive your car
  • Improved Safety & Throttle Control
  • Attractive Full Color Pedal Graphics
  • Topside Cable Connections
  • Patented Idle Stop for FICHT & Optimax
  • Stainless Steel Hardware with Teflon Bushings

*Requires Longer Throttle Cable (Not Included)

Optional Slide Mount (HFM-1-DP) available for comfort and multiple drivers.

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Distributor Packaged

Fits Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury & Mariner (NOT yet compatible with either the 3.8L V6 or the 4.6L V8 Mercury Pro XS)

Fits Honda, Yamaha, Chrysler & Suzuki
Replacement Spring (all Models)

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