Galvanized Steel Claw/Bruce Boat Anchor



  • Excellent holding power in nearly all bottoms including mud, sand, rock, and coral
  • One of the easiest anchors to both set and recover
  • Constructed of high tensile galvanized steel, ensuring maximum holding power
  • Stows easily on a bow roller
  • All the other legendary features associated with the original Bruce/claw boat anchor
  • Lifetime warranty against breakage

The Claw boat anchor is one of the most popular anchors in the world due to its impeccable holding power and excellent performance in nearly all sea bottoms. Best of all, the claw boat anchor is one of the easiest anchors to set. If you have ever had a problem setting your anchor in the past, you'll be impressed with how effortlessly the claw sets nearly every time!

Norestar's Claw anchor is constructed of hot dipped galvanized steel and has been trusted by boaters for years. It shares all of the features associated with the original Claw/Bruce anchor at a fraction of the price.

The curved wingtips are configured so that the anchor rolls to its optimum upright orientation when setting or resetting. The anchor banks in the sea bed and maintains high holding power, even through 360 degrees of boat movement. The Claw anchor works well for bottom conditions where many anchors do not, such as rocks and coral. The anchor's three strong points let this anchor grab easily and because there are no flimsy or movable parts, there's less risk of bending or jamming. Despite the superior burying and holding power, the anchor is easily broken out for hauling, and includes a trip line hole for extra haul assistance if required. It is very compact, requires no stock, has no moving parts to secure and stows easily in a bow roller or locker.

Claw/Bruce Anchor Dimensions and Sizing Chart
Refer to the diagram and specifications to determine the right size anchor for your boat. These specifications assume an average weight boat anchoring in average conditions. If you have an exceptionally heavy boat or are anchoring exceptional conditions (i.e. heavy current or winds) consider going one size up.

Note: 50lbs and heavier anchors incur additional shipping charges for non-continental USA addresses that may be different than the rates listed. Contact us prior to ordering for exact rates

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Claw anchor dimensions

Model: CLW-11GS, 11 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 18.75"
  • Height (B): 7"
  • Claw Width (C): 12"
  • Claw Length (D): 9.25"

Model: CLW-16GS, 16.5 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 21"
  • Height (B): 8"
  • Claw Width (C): 14"
  • Claw Length (D): 9.5"

Model: CLW-22GS, 22 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 25"
  • Height (B): 9"
  • Claw Width (C): 15.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 12"

Model: CLW-33GS, 33 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 27.75"
  • Height (B): 10.5"
  • Claw Width (C): 17.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 13.5"

Model: CLW-44GS, 44 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 29"
  • Height (B): 11"
  • Claw Width (C): 18.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 13.5"

Model: CLW-55GS, 55 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 29"
  • Height (B): 11"
  • Claw Width (C): 19.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 16"

Model: CLW-66GS, 66 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 32"
  • Height (B): 15.5"
  • Claw Width (C): 19.5"
  • Claw Length (D): 19"

Model: CLW-110GS, 110 lbs

  • Shank Length (A): 39.5"
  • Height (B): 14.25"
  • Claw Width (C): 27.375"
  • Claw Length (D): 14.75"


  • Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Model: CLW-110GS: Weight: 110 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 80'
  • Model: CLW-11GS: Weight: 11 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 25'
  • Model: CLW-16GS: Weight: 16.5 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 34'
  • Model: CLW-22GS: Weight: 22 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 35'
  • Model: CLW-33GS: Weight: 33 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 40'
  • Model: CLW-44GS: Weight: 44 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 50'
  • Model: CLW-55GS: Weight: 55 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 55'
  • Model: CLW-66GS: Weight: 66 lbs. Boat Length: Up To 60'

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Galvanized Steel Claw/Bruce Boat Anchor

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