Docking Essentials Bundle

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Elevate your docking experience with the T-H Marine Docking Essentials Bundle, a comprehensive solution designed for superior performance and unmatched convenience. Perfect for boaters seeking reliable and high-quality dock equipment, this bundle includes everything you need to ensure your boat stays secure and your dock stays protected.

What's Included:

  • Premium Double Braid Dock Line - Crafted from high-strength, double braid nylon, our dock lines offer exceptional durability and flexibility. These lines are designed to absorb shock loads, ensuring your boat remains securely tied in all conditions. With superior resistance to abrasion, UV damage, and rot, they are built to last season after season.
  • 2 Pack Fender Kit with Fender Line - Protect your boat from bumps and scrapes with our essential fender kit. This bundle includes two high-quality fenders and matching fender lines, providing optimal cushioning against dock impacts. The durable fenders are easy to inflate and deflate, ensuring perfect fit and maximum protection.
  • Galvanized Cleats - Our robust galvanized cleats are engineered for maximum strength and longevity. These cleats provide a secure mooring point for your dock lines, ensuring your boat remains safely tethered. The corrosion-resistant finish makes them ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments.
  • Dock Corner Bumpers - Safeguard the corners of your dock with our heavy-duty corner bumpers. Designed to absorb impact and prevent damage, these bumpers are essential for protecting both your boat and dock from accidental collisions. Constructed from high-quality materials, they withstand harsh marine conditions.
  • Dock Side Bumpers - Enhance the safety of your docking area with our durable side bumpers. These bumpers offer additional protection along the sides of your dock, reducing the risk of damage during docking and undocking. Easy to install, they provide reliable defense against daily wear and tear.

Why Choose the T-H Marine Docking Essentials Bundle?

This all-in-one package is thoughtfully curated to offer the best in dock protection and boat security. Each component is crafted with the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring your dock setup is both functional and dependable. Whether you're a seasoned boater or new to docking, the T-H Marine Docking Essentials Bundle provides everything you need for a worry-free boating experience.

Equip your dock with the best. Choose the T-H Marine Docking Essentials Bundle for unparalleled protection, convenience, and peace of mind.


Bundle includes:

  • 1x  2-Pack Fender Kit with Fender Lines (BE-GE-35048-DP)
  • 2x  3/8" x 15' Premium Double Braid Dock Line - Black (BE-CO-5257-DP)
  • 2x  8" Galvanized Cleats (BE-HA-54048-DP)
  • 2x  10-inch Corner Bumpers (FBF2)
  • 2x  10-inch Side Bumpers (FBF1)

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