Directional Flow Aerator Heads



Aerator Spray Heads to Create Circular
Current Flowin a Livewell or Baitwell

  • These aerator heads create a directional flow of water around any baitwell.
  • This current allows baitfish to breathe easier and live longer in harsh conditions.
  • Current also prevents baitfish collection in one area.
  • Low profile, rounded head prevents injury to delicate bait.
  • The 90 degree head mounts below waterline to create a strong directional flow.
  • The 45 degree head mounts above waterline to create flow and provide
    additional aeration to water.
  • Max Wall Thickness - 5/8"
  • Fits 3/4" Hose
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
DAH-90 Directional Flow Aerator Head - 90 degree - Fits 3/4" Hose DAH-90-DP
DAH-45 Directional Flow Aerator Head - 45 degree - Fits 3/4" Hose DAH-45-DP
DAHI-118 Adjustable Flow Head DAHI-118-DP
DAHIK-118 Adjustable Flow Head with Fitting - Fits 1-1/8" Hose DAHIK-118-DP
DAHIK-750 Adjustable Flow Head with Fitting - Fits 3/4" Hose DAHIK-750-DP
APD-190FT Fitting for DAHI-118 - Fits 3/4" Hose APD-190FT-DP
TH-1890T Fitting for DAHI-118 - Fits 1-1/8" Hose TH-1890T-DP


Standard Pack:
OEM - Bulk 50/Box
Distributor Packaged - 12/Box

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