Cup Holder LED Accent Ring



Light Up Any Cup Holder

  • Converts Any Cup Holder to an LED Accent
  • Simple Installation - Lift Cup Holder and Slide In Ring
  • Fits Cup Holders from 3-1/4" to 3-1/2"diameter

Enhance the ambiance of your boat or recreational vehicle with the Cup Holder LED Accent Ring. This innovative accessory adds a touch of style and sophistication to your cup holders, creating a captivating visual experience for you and your guests.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
LED-SMCHR-B Cup Holder LED Accent Ring - 18 Blue LEDs LED-SMCHR-B-DP
LED-SMCHR-R Cup Holder LED Accent Ring - 18 Red LEDs LED-SMCHR-R-DP
LED-SMCHR-G Cup Holder LED Accent Ring - 18 Green LEDs LED-SMCHR-G-DP

Retail Packaging - Blister Pack

6/Case Distributor Packaged


  • Ring light contains 18 LEDs

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