Cleaning Brush Combo

SKU: BE-GE-56292-DP


  • 54" aluminum handle is light, durable, and a convenient length for scrubbing without back strain
  • Integrates blue soft bristles for general cleaning and orange medium bristles for stubborn spots
  • Brush can be switched out with other standard pushbutton pole accessories (not included)

Make quick work of deck and hull cleaning with this 54" anodized aluminum pole and quick release dual bristle brush head combo. The 10" x 5" brush features soft blue PVC bristles for general cleaning and with a quick rotation, firm orange bristles to scrub away stubborn dirt without the need to change to a different brush head. The aluminum pole can accommodate other popular pushbutton brushes and accessories as well, making this a truly versatile cleaning system.


  • Color: Orange / Blue
  • Length: 54"
  • Brush Size: 10" x 5"

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