Cable Boot Grommet

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Cable Boot Grommet Protects Your Cables and Hoses

Fits underneath T-H Marine cable boot to provide a internal sleeve to protect cables, hoses and wires from chafing against a rough hole cut or sharp edge. Fits into pass-thru hole for steering, electrical and control cables and provides a smooth, chafe-free fitting. Cable boot fits snugly onto top of grommet. 


Cable Boot Grommet Part Selection
T-H Marine Cable Boot Used Black Grommet Part # White Grommet Part #
CB-2 (black) / CB-2W (white) - 2" boot CBG-2 CBG-2W
CB-1 (black) / CB-1W (white) - 3" boot CBG-1 CBG-1W
CB-4 (black) / CB-4W (white) - 4 1/2" boot CBG-4 CBG-4W


OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
CBG-1 Cable Boot Grommet - Fits CB-1, 3" Cable Boot - Black CBG-1-DP
CBG-2 Cable Boot Grommet - Fits CB-2, 2" Cable Boot - Black CBG-2-DP
CBG-4 Cable Boot Grommet - Fits CB-4, 4.5" Cable Boot - Black CBG-4-DP


Packaging: bulk, distributor standard pack 50 skin pack, 12 per carton

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