Bungee Shock Cords and Ends for Boats


T-H Marine offers all the components needed to construct custom shock cords for any application.

There are a variety of cord materials and colors available. There are also several different cord ends for any mounting application.

We offer the components separately or we will construct any custom strap to your specifications at our factory to save you labor time and complications in cord production. Contact us to discuss your custom shock cord needs.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Packaged
BCORD-14B Bungee / shock cord, 1/4", Black, 500 ft. spool BCORD-14B-DP
BCORD-14BW Bungee / shock cord, 1/4", Black & White, 500 ft. spool BCORD-14BW-DP
EYE-1 Eye strap, molded, 1 7/8" Long, 1/2" ID, Black (4 pack) EYE-1-DP
EYESS-1 Eye strap, stainless steel, 1 5/8" Long, 3/8" ID (4 pack) EYESS-1-DP
PCORD-14B Poly cord, 1/4", Black, 280 ft. spool PCORD-14B-DP
RTHOOK-1 Shock cord hook for 1/4" cord RTHOOK-1-DP
RTSM-1 Shock cord screw mount for 1/4" cord RTSM-1-DP


Distributor Packaging: All cord, bulk spools; All cord ends, bulk, standard pack 50; Mounting eyes, bulk, standard pack 50; Mounting eyes, skin pack 4/card, 12 per carton.

*NOTE: Contact T-H Marine for custom straps, kits, or other materials.

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