Bluewater LED Quad Beam Livewell / Cooler LED Light Pair - Submersible


This pair of Blue Water LED™ Submersible Quad-Beam LED are great for your livewell or cooler applications and feature four ultra-bright LEDs each for a total of 8. The compact submersible light source packs a punch, as each LED delivers a full 1-watt light with very low amperage draw. We recommend at least two sets for large open console boat livewells. To personalize your application, the Quad Beams available in the following color options:  Amber, Blue, Green, Red and White - SKU 402

Quad Beam Livewell LED Light Pair includes

  • 2 - Blue Water LED™ Submersible Quad-Beam LED with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing

Product Specifications

  • 12 Volts DC
  • Submersible
  • Many colors available

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