BLUEWATERLED Push Button Switch, Waterproof



The perfect switch to easily turn on or off any lighting in your boat, truck, or RV. The Push Button Switch comes with 3M™ Industrial Waterproof Adhesive Backing for easy installation. Simply splice it into your positive leads for a simple switch installation.

Note: this switch does not get grounded. Connect this switch with power into one side, and the other out to your lights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Greg Zash
Bluewater push button on/off switch

Very easy to install, works great!

Ray Brudie
A little hitch, every eighth push

Thanks for the prompt replacement. The new switch has not been a problem at all. The first switch sent would lock up on the eighth push without fail. Plan to dissect the first switch, looking for a 8 position dial in that little housing!

Ronnie W.
Great lights. The wires on them are way too short.

The lights are super bright. Had to put them in my sons kayak because my hatch access is very limited. The wires in the lights need to be around 8 feet long. I have these to my son and had to buy a different brand due to wire length.

Brandon A.
Awesome switch

I purchased two of these. One for some backup lights and the other for some trailer lights. Very happy with the durability....I purchased one 4 years ago and it still works great!

Justin R.
Instructions on wiring the switch

Instructions on wiring the switch would be helpful. I tried wiring to positive and negative wires coming from battery to lights and fried 2 switches now. Gave up out of frustration and just put gator clamps on my lights to wire direct to battery. My fault for not knowing any better but a printout of how to wire may help the next guy and save them 25 or 30 bucks like it would have me...

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