BLUEWATERLED Extreme Pro X6 Deck LED Lighting System



Discover exceptional LED boat lights with minimal power draw in the Blue Water LED Extreme Pro Deck LED Lighting Kit. Featuring an IP68-rated waterproofing, this boat lighting kit stands above the competition with superior lighting and expert craftsmanship. The aluminum housing has a rugged compact design that stands up to the harshest boating conditions, and the 4' wire lead provides versatile mounting options for a boost of light wherever you need it. the application possibilities are endless. The kit was redesigned to be extremely easy to install, high powered yet dimmable. Great for the deck of your boat, kayak, fishing canoe, truck bed, even in your truck wheel wells. Powerful 450-lumen lighting at a wide, 150° dispersion angle outshines imitators' lights, and these LED boat lights sip just 4.5W of power from a 9-30V DC source for strong lighting that won't drain the battery.

Extreme Pro Deck X6 Light LED Kit includes

  • 6 - Extreme Pro Blue Water LED™ Deck Light
  • 6 - Flat surface mounting pad
  • 6 - Curved surface mounting pad
  • 12 - Machine mounting screws
  • 12 - Self-tapping mounting screws
  • 12 - Flat washers


  • Aluminum housing
  • 2.8" X 1.5"
  • IP68 waterproof
  • 150 degree light dispersion angle
  • 4ft wire lead
  • Includes mounting bases for straight and curved surfaces
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Voltage - 9-30 VDC
  • Color Options - Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Randy G.
High Quality Lights but…

These are very nice lights. Seem to be made really well and are easy to install. They are very bright and I would highly suggest that you use a dimmer with these. I run these lights with them dimmed all the way down. I really wish these lights wouldn’t scatter light is every direction. When used as deck lights, as I did, the light scatters. I just need them to illuminate the boat deck. Wish there was some kind of hood or cover that would direct the light strictly across the boat deck and not upward toward my eyes. Makes it difficult seeing properly at night. I bought the blue light hoping that would help. Although the blue does help vs white, it’s still is kind of blinding even when dimmed all the way down. The pictures really don’t show how much the light scatters upward. Maybe I’ll try putting some tint on upper half of each lense and see if that tones down the light shining in my eyes. Still nice lights but they are pricey.

Stephen T.

Install was very simple .

Richard V.
Extreme Pro X6

Awesome lights ... doesn’t get much better!

John A.
Best Lights on the market

Just fantastic in low light conditions

Ed G.
thmarine/bluewaterled pro lites

Definitely the best out there in my opinion and very competitively priced aswell. I've used bluewater led for all my shop installs and the only thing that's changed is the name. Ill keep using until something changes which is inevitable with corporate bean counters having so much to say about manufacturing and not having a clue what goes on in the field.

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