BLUEWATERLED Extreme Pro X4 Rock Light Kit



Are you looking for a way to add some extra bling to your truck? Check out the Extreme Pro X4 Rock / Wheel Well Light Kit system by Blue Water LED. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Extreme Pro has a rugged compact design that can stand up to the elements and give your truck a great effect at night. Its versatile mounting system allows the Extreme Pro to be used almost anywhere you have 12V power. the application possibilities are endless.- SKU 81-4

Extreme Pro X4 Rock Light LED Kit includes:

  • 4 - Extreme Pro Blue Water LED™ Light
  • 4 - Flat surface mounting pad
  • 4 - Curved surface mounting pad
  • 8 - Machine mounting screws
  • 8 - Self-tapping mounting screws
  • 8 - Flat washers

Product Specifications

  • Aluminum housing

  • 2.8" X 1.5"

  • IP68 waterproof

  • 150 degree light dispersion angle

  • 4ft Wire Lead

  • Mounting bases for straight and curved surfaces included

  • Stainless steel mounting hardware included

  • Voltage - 9-30 VDC

  • Color Options - Red, White, Blue, Green, Amber


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