Bluewater LED Afterburner Underwater LED Light - Gen 2


The Blue Water LED™ Gen 2 Afterburner Underwater LED Light is a stainless steel fixture packing a serious punch with  full 60 watts of power.  Use one light where others use several.  This is one of the coolest lighting effects for nighttime cruising. Stainless steel mounting screws included - SKU 700 - 2
  • Product Specs
  • Product Warranty

Product Specifications

  • Power: 60 Watts
  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • Power: 12VDC
  • Cyber Dual Beam
  • IP Rating: 68
  • Dimensions: 3.65" Round x .75" Thick
  • LED Colors available: White, Blue, Green and Red

Product Warranty

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Recommended Installation: Mount CyberSub Afterburner Underwater LED Light with stainless steel screws (included). Reinforce with silicone sealant to make an airtight seal between the Afterburner and your boat's hull.

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