Blower Vent Hose Flanges

Blower Ventilation Hose Flanges
  • Secures distal end of ventilation hose to route blower exhaust
  • For use with 3" and 4" I.D. wire supported ventilation hose
  • Unique design allows secure hose installation
  • Outer diameter barbs prevent hose from slipping off 
  • Cable Tie / Tie Wrap can be added for additional security
OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
VHF-3 Vent hose flange, 3", black VHF-3-DP
VHF-3WS Vent hose flange, 3", sand VHF-3WS-DP
VHF-4 Vent hose flange, 4", black VHF-4-DP
VHF-4WS Vent hose flange, 4", sand VHF-4WS-DP


Packaging: bulk, standard pack 50

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