Black 1/2" X 25' Premium Double Braid Dock Line

SKU: BE-CO-52897-DP


  • Black 1/2" X 25' Premium Double Braid Dock Line
  • UV Resistant
  • 100% Premium Double Braided Nylon with Spliced Eye

The T-H Marine Black 1/2" X 25' Premium Double Braid Dock Line is a high-quality accessory for boat owners looking to secure their vessel at the dock. The dock line is crafted from premium double braid nylon, which offers excellent strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion and UV rays. The 1/2" diameter of the line provides optimal holding power, while the 15' length offers the flexibility and reach necessary to secure your vessel in a variety of docking scenarios. The line is finished with a reliable spliced eye, ensuring easy and secure attachment to your boat's cleat or dock post. 

This dock line is a great investment for any boater seeking peace of mind and reliability when docking. Its sleek black color also adds a touch of style to your boat's appearance, making it a perfect addition to any vessel. Whether you're docking for a quick stop or for an extended period, the T-H Marine Supplies Black 1/2" X 25' Premium Double Braid Dock Line offers the strength and security necessary to keep your boat safe and secure.


  • Safe Working Load 1305 LBS
  • Breaking Strength 6525 LBS

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nick Y.
China made

Great rope! Not cool though when you order something you thought was made in the USA, but once delivered turns out to have been outsourced to the Chinese to save a few bucks…. I’d have gladly spent more for USA made.

Drew B.
Great product

Great rope for a great cost. Haven't had any issues at all with the rope

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