Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle - Tan

By YakGear
SKU: 06-0018


  • Hook feature to grab your line, waterfowl decoy, dock, or tree limb
  • Serrated teeth edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces
  • Drip rings included
  • For added length, consider the 35cm Carbon Fiber Paddle Extension

The Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle is the full-size successor to the renowned Assault Hand Paddle. Weighing only 38 ounces and 42 ounces, these paddles represent a significant advancement in design and technology. The Assassin comes in two adjustable lengths: 230-240cm (90.5-94.5in) & 250-260cm (98.5-102.5in).

Featuring a patented "hook and teeth" blade design and distinctive raised graphics, the Assassin kayak paddles deliver exceptional performance and versatility. The hook is perfect for snagging lines, retrieving decoys, approaching the dock, or reaching for branches. The oversized blade efficiently propels you through the water and enhances maneuverability.

Designed for both high-angle and low-angle paddlers, the Assassin boasts a carbon hybrid shaft for reduced weight. The oversized ABS-injected nylon blade offers robustness, ensuring it won't crack or flex when pushing off various surfaces.

Whether you're rescuing a lure from a tree or navigating tricky terrain like rocks or oyster shells, the Backwater Assassin Carbon Fiber Hybrid Paddle is your reliable solution.


  • Available in 230-240cm or 250-260cm adjustable lengths
  • ABS-injected nylon blade
  • Made of strong, fade-resistant plastic

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