Atlas Micro Jacker Small Outboard Hydraulic Jack

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  • For Small Outboards - Max Weight 425 lbs / Max Horsepower 115 HP
  • Great For Shallow Water Boats - Gheenoes, River Runners, Jon Boats, Skiffs
  • Get Out of Trouble Fast - lifts in 8 Seconds 
  • Lightweight - only 23 Pounds Fish "Skinny Water" With Confidence
  • Self Contained Hydraulics 
  • Small Footprint - Only 14-5/8" Wide and 11-1/2" High
  • Clamp-On Motor Adapter (part # AHJM-CMA-DP) allows you to mount smaller engines with clamp-on brackets to the ATLAS Micro Jacker, since they do not mount with bolts on the standard BIA engine hole pattern
  • Contact your boat manufacturer or local dealer for setback recommendation for your particular boat and also the affects adding a jack plate can have on your boat


Adjustment specifications

With the Micro Jacker in place, you will have about 8.5" to work with in height. This includes 1.5" of adjustment at the transom, another 1.0" on the motor side, 1.0" of adjustment with the motor, and 5" of hydraulic lift with the Micro Jacker itself.

Horsepower note: To the best of T-H Marine's knowledge, Honda has the only 115 horsepower outboard that exceeds 425 pound dry weight. Therefore, the ATLAS Micro cannot be used with Honda's 115 HP outboard. This is based on publicly available internet specifications on outboard manufacturer websites know to T-H Marine as of 4/9/2014.

Purchaser should assure that their outboard does not exceed either 115 horsepower or 425 pounds, regardless of outboard manufacturer, model, or production date.

OEM/Bulk Product Name Distributor Packaged
AHJM-4-DP Atlas Micro Jacker™ Small Outboard Hydraulic Jack AHJM-4-DP
AHJM-CMA-DP Micro Jacker Clamp-on Motor Adapter AHJM-CMA-DP
7014G-DP Replacement Wiring Harness 7014G-DP


  • Max Weight: 425 lbs
  • Max Horsepower: 115 hp
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Width: 14 5/8"
  • Height: 11 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Crab bait
Micro Jack Plate support

My Micro Jack plate was out of warranty but only used a dozen times before the actuator and console switch failed. Contacted Jeremey sent mea new one free of charge no questions asked...that’s standing behind your product and taking care of the customer. Top notch!

Capt Clay
Get what you pay for and then some.

Installed this on a 15’6” skiff used for flyfishing. Although the boat doen’t have a tunnel or wasn’t made specifically for shallow water running, with proper trim adjustment, flats usage Baumann prop and of course my Micro jacker, I can run comfortably in a foot of water or less, on plane at 4K rpm doing 21 knots. I’m also running a 70 Yamaha which has a 20 inch shaft, so without the jackplate installed I would no way be able to run as skinny as I am. Changing from a stock OEM aluminum prop to the heavy duty Baumann prop wsn’t cheap also, but it’s the right tool for the job and made the entire package perform as it does. One other thing too is I have an SE Sport fin on the engine cavitation plate which also helps stability and hole shot. I have no trim tabs as they aren’t needed. With the custom prop I did lose a few knots on the high end but gained on the holeshot because of the cupping on the prop. Top end is still right 30 knots, which is plenty fast. For longevity of my engine I usually never run over 5K, as it’s not necessary. I also use Amsoil in my engine and leg. No need to spend $45-60K for a custom flats boat made of carbon fiber. Unless of course you can aford it….

Bryan C.
Awesome piece of equipment!

J/P works excellent! Skinny water no problem for me now, no more hitting bottom! I love this unit and should have bought one years ago. Any boat I own from now on will have this jack plate. Easy to install, easy to follow instructions. I went with sea star pro trim switch which is an awesome combo for this unit.

Jeff B.
Micro Jacker

Ordered on Tuesday got it on Wednesday with free shipping, it was easy to install and works excellent Thanks TH Marine


Haven't had the opportunity to try it since having installed. Looks like it will perform as anticipated. The package came complete with everything except the mounting bolts for my 4 - stroke, 50 HP Merc. motor to mount onto the Jack plate (4ea. 3" x 1/2" - 13, SS bolts). since I haven't had a chance to use it, it's the reason for 4 stars.

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