Stainless Steel Anchor Swivel / Connector

SKU: 964408


  • Extends the life of your rode
  • Prevents snagging at the anchor/chain connection, which can occur with a traditional shackle
  • Prevents your chain/rope from twisting while at anchor
  • Oval joints prevent damage to bow roller when hauling/releasing anchor
  • Bronze washer minimizes electrolysis

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Anchorlift Stainless Steel Anchor Swivels connect your anchor to your anchor chain. The bronze washer between the two moving parts minimizes the effects of electrolysis and reduces wear resulting in a longer lasting, more reliable swivel. With an anchor connector swivel attached to the anchor shank it is impossible for the rode chain to get twisted. The oval shaped joint allows for the perfect sliding of the anchor through the bow roller with no risk of damaging any components. Constructed of Solid AISI36L Stainless Steel


Model: 964408

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