Anchor Saver Anchor Retrieval System

SKU: ASP-125-CB25


  • selection guide for sizing
  • Releases your anchor when snagged on debris by applying backwards pressure on your anchor
  • Designed to function with your existing anchoring system
  • Does not diminish the effectiveness of the anchor set
  • Save hundreds of dollars on a lost anchor

Anchor Saver® is a Stainless Steel Anchor Release Device designed to function with your existing anchoring system. When needed, it will release and retrieve a stuck anchor, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars. Each anchor saver includes a custom engineered stainless steel shackle, cable, release bar and three calibrated release bolts and is packaged with everything you need for installation.

The key to this Anchor Release System is the combination of the engineered components and the concept we call "indirect anchor pressure". When your boat is at anchor, there is no pressure on the release bolt; therefore, we use the term "indirect pressure" Since the pressure is directed through the shank to the crown of the anchor. This does not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the anchor set. Our release bar allows us to float the shackle within the shank eye, thereby eliminating any direct pressure on the release bolt under normal anchoring conditions.

Complete direct release pressure is required for an anchor release. First position the boat above the anchor and secure the rode to a forward cleat, allowing extra rode for wave action. Next, move slowly but deliberately forward, IN THE DIRECTION OF THE ANCHOR SET. When you achieve the pre-determined breaking point, the calibrated release bolt will shear, causing the attachment point to switch from the shank eye to the crown and drawing the anchor out of its obstruction.

Shipping note: Anchor Saver products can only be shipped to the lower 48 States at this time.



Anchor Saver Sizing and Selection Guide (pdf)

Anchor Saver Installation (pdf)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael C.
The Best hands down!

Have used it 2 times saved me over 1,000.00


very clever going to be able to save the $500 anchor if it gets stuck!!

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