3 LB Grappling Folding Anchor

SKU: BE-AN-50304-DP


  • Easy to deploy or stow away
  • Additional eye for attaching retrieval line
  • Exceptional 4-fluke holding power
  • Locks in both open and folded positions

The 3 lb Grappling Folding Anchor from T-H Marine is the perfect solution for those who require a lightweight and easy-to-store anchor for their small boats, kayaks, or canoes. This anchor is made of durable galvanized steel and features four foldable tines that can be easily stored in a compact space when not in use. With a grappling hook design, this anchor is ideal for catching onto rocky or uneven surfaces, ensuring that your vessel stays in place even in strong currents or winds. Whether you are fishing, exploring new waterways, or simply enjoying a day on the water, the 3 lb Grappling Folding Anchor is a reliable choice to keep your boat secure.


    • Weight: 3 lbs

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