12 Volt Oil Changer

SKU: BE-GE-52616-DP


  • 12 Volt Oil Changer
  • Includes 10' Heavy Duty Coiled Wire with Battery Clips, 4' inlet hose for engine dipstick, and 5' outlet hose
  • Compact and Light weight for portability
  • Self Priming
  • Extracts Warm Oil from your Engine through the Dipstick
  • Use the Extractor Specifically for Motor Oil Only! The Extractor is Not Suitable for Extracting: Water (no lubrication of the pump), Gearbox Oil (too viscous), Flammable Liquids (Fuel, gasoline, etc - Danger of Explosion!)


  • Wire Length: 10'
  • Inlet Hose Length: 4'
  • Outlet Hose Length: 5'
  • Power: 12V

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